LALTRO - Lontano (Dub Mix)

LALTRO - Lontano (Dub Mix) Produced by LALTRO for UNDA™ Executive Producer/A&R: Fabio Genito P+C 2016 UNDA™ - Underground Not Dared Atmos - All rights reserved We are very thrilled to introduce you to LALTRO world, our new family member, a very unique unknown recording artist, a mysterious entity He's the B-Side, "the other side", your alter-ego you always fight with, that inner voice you always hear. He's the shadow and the light, that necessary balance between light and darkness we all have built-in. He crosses styles and genres without any boundaries, from underground mystic vibes to modern techno patterns, organic funk, lysergic jazz harmonies and detroitish grooves. Mediterranean mystic techno which is gonna bring your senses far away....Lontano.