diZgeneration  (from "Undaground EP" , UNDA002)

diZgeneration (from "Undaground EP" , UNDA002)

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taken from "Undaground EP" out now on Beatport (exclusive). DOWNLOAD LINK : http://btprt.dj/18iK0Ar --------------------------- P C 2013/2014 Underground Not Dared Atmos ™ / fabiogenito --------------------------- what industry says : "NICE ONE... Will support MOS DEF!" (Vinny Da Vinci) (Metro FM - South Africa) "yeah...feeling this, a banger!" (Rainer Trüby) (Root Down,Compost - Germany) "good groovy" (Michael Reinboth) (Compost Records, Germany) "Ace. Love the tracks here. Good, deep, quality stuff" (Tedd Patterson) (Cielo / NYC) "AW-YEAH !!!" (DJ Simi) (Angels Of Love / Kenpo - Napoli, Italy) "downloading.." (Marco Carola) (Music On - Ibiza) "FUCK YES I TELL YOU!!!!" (Mr.V) (SOLE Channel - NYC) "sounds really good, diZgeneration for me" (Claudio Coccoluto) (the duB - Italy) "diZgeneration is my fav mix..Go Fab Go!!" (dj Pippi) (Pacha / Valenostrum - Ibiza) "This is hot - nice & raw of a groove. I'm on it" (Hector Romero) (DefMix - NYC) "Dirty grooves! Sweat grooves... Fabio puts once again a light spot on the word 'Underground" (Luca Bacchetti) (Endless, Ovum, Crosstown Rebels - Barcelona) "compliment Fabio, buen trabajo! our generation rules the house nation!!!!" (Kiko Navarro) (Pacha - Mallorca) "Loving this!!! underground bizness!!!" (Carlos Mena) (Ocha - Brooklyn, NYC) "great stuff" (Igor Marijuan) (Ibiza Sonica - Ibiza) "support on ibizaglobalradio. thanx" (David Moreno) (Ibiza Global Radio - Ibiza) " Tight! " (Marques Wyatt) (DEEP - LA) "Tuff, warm, and heavy biznizz from the hugely diverse, yet always dope gentleman like Fabio Genito! Straight in the box. :-) " (thatmanmonkz) (Shadeleaf - UK) "feelin the dub and beez version man. nice use of a classic sample!" (dj Sabo) (Sol Selectas - NYC / Los Angeles)